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Associates - Law

Prof. dr. M. (Marija) Bartl

European Law and Private Law - The role of law in socio-ecological transformation

Dr V. (Vladimir) Bogoeski

European Private Law - Relationship between law and bottom-up struggles for sustainable labour relations in food production

D. (Debadatta) Bose

International Law and Private Law - Theoretical conceptualisation of supply chain liability in business and human rights

Mr. dr. L.E. (Laura) Burgers

Private Law - Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law

I. (Ilaria) Buri

Information law - Institute for Information Law

Z. (Zhonghua) Du

PhD | Public International Law - Positioning of Multinationals in international Climate Law

Dr. K.H. (Klaas) Eller

Private and Transnational Law - Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law/Sustainable Global Economic Law

S.H.H. (Sofie) Fleerackers

PhD | European Public Law - Role of lawyers as interest representation in legal cases, with climate as a case study

I.J.M. (Irthe) de Jong MA LLM

PhD | European Law - Human rights protection in climate decision-making through citizen participation

Dr C. (Candida) Leone

Private Law - Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law

Dr J.A.P. (Johanna) Lorenzo

International Law section and the Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL) - legal and institutional links between development finance and climate finance

Prof. dr. C. (Chantal) Mak

Private Law - Fundamental Rights and Private Law

L.M. (Laurien) Nijenhuis

PhD | Constitutional and Administrative Law - Climate change litigation

Prof. mr. P.A. (André) Nollkaemper

International Law - Amsterdam Center for International Law

Prof. dr. A.M. (Alessio M.) Pacces

Law and Economics of Sustainable Finance

Dr K.C.I. (Kinanya) Pijl

Sustainable finance and the role of law in the transition towards a more sustainable economy

Prof. dr. mr. A. (Anniek) de Ruijter

Health Law and Policy - Law Centre for Health and Life

S.N.G. (Sophie) Schiettekatte

Climate litigation

R.J. (Rodrigo) Vallejo Garretón

Private Law - Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law

Dr. M. (Maria) Weimer

European Law - Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance

Dr. M.J. (Margaretha) Wewerinke-Singh MA LLM

Sustainability Law - Amsterdam Law School

Dr. Z. (Zamira) Xhaferri PhD

European Law - European Studies Department